Back to the Office or Work from Home? Show Your Team You Care!

Back to the Office or Work from Home? Show Your Team You Care!

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As the world is opening up this summer, many businesses are considering a more flexible work policy with some time in the office and some at home. If your team is transitioning back to office work, why not show your team that you value them with a delightful welcome back gift of flowers!

It's been a tough road back to the office in 2020 and the early months of 2021.  Most of us have only communicated with co-workers through a Zoom meeting or conversations over email. As a result, getting to know your work friends has been more difficult than ever. 

luz flora mixed flowers in a vase
Motif Magic Hour

Luz Flora has a magnificent range of bouquets that are perfect for the office. Show your team just how much they mean to you by having flowers delivered directly to the office. Brighten up your entire office with a corporate flower contract from Luz Flora, and we'll deliver fresh flowers to your offices every week! 

It's also the best way to say thank you to your suppliers, clients and other partners who have supported your business during the pandemic. A well-timed bouquet of flowers can be even more meaningful than a company t-shirt or mug.

Flowers can be sent for every occasion. What about a big bouquet of mixed flowers for your educators in your community who have worked so hard throughout the past 18 months. A gift of flowers is the perfect way to say thank you!

The Luz Flora Motif Collection is a complete collection of gorgeous mixed flower bouquets that will delight every member of your team. The Motif Delightful is one of our most popular corporate floral arrangement choices! Many of our customers also order arrangements from the Motif Collection to be delivered weekly to brighten up their office space!

Motif Magic Hour is a delightful mixed bouquet with Priceless Roses, White O'Hara Roses, Alstromeria and Aster Lizz.

Motif Pizzazz adds a dramatic touch to any workspace with Pincushion Proteas, Orange Crush Roses, Freedom Roses, Hypericum and Cocculus.

Motif Pizzazz