Date Night Ideas - Yes, It Includes Flowers!

Date Night Ideas - Yes, It Includes Flowers!

When your eyes met for the first time, time stood still as every fiber of your being paused… Sound familiar? Celebrate love’s true form with the one who holds your heart. And, what better way to honor that eternal beauty than with date night ideas that will remind you why your love story is your favorite!

At Luz Flora, we know just what you’ll need on your date night. This is an occasion worthy of celebration, so showing up empty-handed just won’t cut it.

Outdoor Date Ideas

Depending on where you’re taking your special love on your date night, it’s important that you find the right gift that will inspire the right mood. So where to start? Well, if you’re thinking of a non-traditional date that will provide the most endearing adventure possible, why not book an experience like couples skydiving, rock climbing or even an outdoor picnic! Adventure is a state of mind, and every activity that leaves a world of treasured memories in your heart is adventurous, no matter what it may be. Alternatively, take it easy with a couple's spa day and show them your intimate side. We promise, they'll love you just the same!

Indoor Date Ideas

If you’re celebrating a month together, or a year, or even if you’re celebrating a decade of sharing a love that truly knows no bounds, then there’s nothing wrong with an intimate dinner in a restaurant. In fact, it’s fun and it’s a classic in its utmost perfection. This is particularly a great date night idea for the couples celebrating a milestone.

No matter what kind of night you have planned with your significant other, there’s nothing that will bring a smile to their face and melt their heart than showing up with a bouquet of flowers. Even better... Have a bouquet of flowers delivered during the day ahead of your planned date night. That's a winner!