Fragrant Roses: A Luz Flora Speciality

But first, a short science lesson! Why are some roses fragrant and others have no smell at all? The answer is in the genes. With over 300 species and up to 40,000 cultivars, roses are one of the most extensively bred flowers in the world. Most growers will breed roses for appearance, longevity and size, before breeding them for their scent, which is why there are comparatively very few commercially grown roses that have that delicate, yet heady strong scent.


Like Juliet in William Shakespeare's play Romeo & Juliet said,

"A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet..."

Or would it? The roses you see in your local flower shop or florist have been grown to withstand journeys of thousands of miles to get to the shop, meaning that their durability is more important than their fragrance. The scent of roses has become less important over the years, and it is only garden roses, and wild roses that truly are a delight to all the senses. the scent of a wild rose is what attracts bees which aid in the pollination process, so scent is a very important part of the rose lifecycle.

Scented Roses - The Genetics Behind a Fragrant Rose

Rose scents are produced when the enzyme RhNUDX1 is turned on by a gene in the rose. This enzyme causes rose petal cells to produce a chemical called monoterpene geraniol, which is the prized, and sweet scent that we use in rose oil, and rose oil products.

Passion Perfume: Rose Mother Of Pear, Rose Pink Floyd

Luz Flora Perfume Rose Collection - A Gift from Nature

At Luz Flora, we are committed to offering fragrant roses as part of our passion for retaining and promoting a natural and environmentally conscious farm. Our fragrant roses are grown exactly naturally and have their genetic structure maintained to ensure the delightful scent can be carried from our home to yours. Our founder Macarena Luz Bianchi, is passionate about flowers, especially roses as close as possible to the way that nature intended.

Luz Flora fragrant roses are our special gift to you. We have two designer scented rose arrangements that are available for delivery across the country: Passion Perfume and Blush Perfume.

Extraordinary and delicate, this fragrant arrangement is made with French O’Hara garden roses bred for royalty.
Our designers hand-tie them to create a harmonious flow of stems so you can savor their perfect sweet aroma.
Enlighten your senses and your space with the indulgent aroma of these French garden roses.
They are highly addictive.
Please Note: These sensitive and fragile beauties are very delicate and don’t last as long as other roses.
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Blush Perfume: Rose Pink Ohara, Rose White Ohara