Rose Colors: Understanding the Different Rose Color Meanings

Rose Colors: Understanding the Different Rose Color Meanings

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Did you know that there is an entire language around flowers? During Victorian times, the language of Floriography was a popular way to send a special message to your floral bouquet recipient just by your choice of flower and their color. Rose colors especially have many different meanings and some of these color meanings have stood the test of time and are still significant today.

A rose bouquet is a fantastic choice for any occasion, but if you put a little thought into the meaning behind the color of the roses, you can really send a special message with no words at all.

The Luz Flora Rose Color Guide

We’ve rounded up some of the most popular rose color meanings and the symbolism attached to send a bouquet of a specific color:

Red Roses for Love

Sending red roses is a traditional way of saying “I Love You” with flowers. Red has always been the color of love, passion and desire. A red rose bouquet can also convey longing and a soulmate connection

White Roses for Innocence

Often chosen for weddings, white roses are often used to express joy at new beginnings, and originally a white rose signified, purity, innocence and light. Today, white roses are also sent in remembrance whether it is the start of something new or remembrance of something that has ended.

Yellow Roses for Friendship

A yellow rose is for friendship and caring. There is nothing like a cheery arrangement of yellow roses to brighten up a friend’s day, Originally though, a yellow rose symbolized greed and jealousy! In the modern language of flowers yellow roses are most often sent to celebrate an occasion in someone’s life. Graduation arrangements of yellow roses are particularly popular.


Orange Roses for Passion

We love the meaning behind orange roses – they are also all about passion, attraction, and desire, and make for a striking alternative to red roses when you want to declare your passion for someone.

Pink Roses for Grace

Pink roses show that you value the recipient of your rose bouquet. Hot pink roses usually mean thankfulness, while pale pink roses signify elegance, gentleness and dignity.

Lavender Roses for Enchantment

Oh, this is the whimsical, enchanted addition to the bunch! Lavender roses signify mysticism and enchantment. A bouquet of lavender roses also signifies love at first sight. They are also a modern alternative to red or orange roses to signify a deep love.