Meet the Box! Our Gift Box Size Guide

Meet the Box! Our Gift Box Size Guide

Name: Luz Flora Gift Box.
Occupation: Presenting Delightful Flowers
Personality: Sturdy & Elegant
“The luminous beauty of flowers for you
because flowers are the manifestation of light
” - Printed on every box
Color: Luz Night. A timeless dark blue reminiscent of mystery & surprise Transportation: FedEx & DoorDash
Favorite Pass time: Enjoying the look on their face when I open up
Sizes: Small & Large

Why two sizes?

OPTIONS. Where are the flowers going to be displayed? Apartment vs House. How big is the space? Flowers for a desk? The smaller box is the way to go! What if the desk is a massive dining room table? Then the large box wins!

What’s the difference?


Small: 22x06x08 in

Small Weight: ~ 2 lbs

Large: 26x12x12 in

Large Weight: ~ 4 lbs

What’s inside?

THE ESSENTIALS. Every Gift Box comes with a packet of Flower Food granules, an extra stem in case one brakes, a hydrating bag around the stems to keep them fresh, care instructions, and a FREE PERSONALIZED gift note.


Can I add more items?

YEESS! You can add Gift Books to help you express yourself perfectly for each occasion. BTW, our Gift Books are written by our founder Macarena Luz Bianchi. You can also include a hand-blown recycled glass vase, pruning shears, and extra flower food.



More questions?

Contact us, we hope you enjoyed getting to know the Luz Flora Gift Box.

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