How to care for my flowers ?

Follow the simple instructions below to keep your Luz Flora bouquet lasting longer. Don't forget to share the LUZ with us: Post your pictures with #MyLuzFlora and tag us @MyLuzFlora

Remove all packaging materials.

Cut off bottom of stems: Approximately 3/4 inch (2cm) 

Fill half of the vase with clean cold water. 

Dilute the packet of flower food granules in the water.

Place the flowers in the vase

Keep away from direct sunlight and avoid drafts from ventilation.

Replace the water if or when it gets murky. Cut off the bottom of the stems again.

how long will my flowers last & other FAQs

Our flowers will last at least 5 days in the vase when care instruction are followed

The roses, sunflowers, and crespedia bouquets are usually 20.5” (52cm) tall. The length is between 17.5" and 20.5" (45 and 52 cm) depending on the variety and current weather conditions.

For Stellar Bouquet Classic, Royal Victorian Bouquet, Constellation Spray Bouquet, Sunflowers, and Craspedia, the ideal vase size is around 5” wide and 8.5” tall. Our Carolina vase is the perfect size.

The box is 11.8" x 11.8" x 25.6” (30 x 30 x 65 cm) for Stellar Bouquet Classic, Royal Victorian Bouquet, Constellation Spray Bouquet, Sunflowers, and Craspedia. 

Beyond screen variations, color variation is natural and our flower colors are within a spectrum of tonal ranges. For example, there are five tones within the range of lavender color roses. Plus, the colors also change during the lifespan of the arrangement.
We only offer beautiful flowers and will only deliver the freshest available. 

Occasionally, substitutions may be necessary to create your arrangement due to the seasonability of flowers, and nature of fresh product availability of certain flowers in various parts of the country.

In single-flower arrangements, such as an all rose arrangement, or sunflowers, every attempt will be made to match the flower type, but substitutes may be made with similar colors when necessary.

Care is taken to maintain the style, theme and color scheme of the arrangement, using flowers of equal or better value.

Every bouquet has a minimum quantity of focal flowers in addition to the green foliage. As our standard practice, we always include at least one extra stem of a focal flowers, just in case there’s an issue in transit.

Stellar Classic Arrangement: 25 (24 roses + 1), Royal Victorian arrangement: 19 or more, Constellation Spray arrangement: 29 or more, Sunflowers: 19 or more, and Craspedia: 49 or more. 

This can happen during transit, which is why we always include at least one extra stem. Most focal flowers can be saved by cutting the stem short enough to fit in a wineglass with water or a small bowl. Then it can be placed somewhere to enjoy.

It is a biodegradable bag that keeps the flowers hydrated during transit.


The courier will leave the box where they usually deliver to for that address.

If the recipient is not there when  the delivery is attempted, the courier will either: leave the arrangement in a covered, secure area of the address (porch, garage, or other entrance), or leave the bouquet with a neighbor and place a message on the recipient's door with this information.

Please note: Flowers cannot be left outside in extreme temperatures above 90 degrees F (32 C) or below 32 degrees F (0 C).

Please check with the hospital before placing your order. They may have restrictions and not allow heavily scented blooms such as lilies.

Please note that many ICU patients are not permitted to receive flowers.

When placing your order, please be sure to include the facility name and telephone number, the name of the recipient and room number or ward. Please double check this information for accuracy.
Some customers receive the flowers to their own home and hand deliver the bouquet to the recipient, if visitation is permitted and possible.

not entirely happy?

We value you and aim to provide a great experience with us and our products. Our farmers care and we always want to meet your expectations; nevertheless, sometimes things go wrong.

If you are unhappy with your flowers upon arrival, please tell us why within 24 hours and include photos so we can correct and continue.

We would be happy to replace your flowers or give you a refund.

Please keep in mind the flowers revive once the bottom stems are cut and placed in fresh cool water with the flower food provided.

Plus, due to the sensitive nature of flowers, they are affected by how they are handled upon receipt, how quickly they are placed in water, and the conditions of where the bouquet is placed.

Are all roses fragrant?

Roses have been bred over the years by expert artisans in Europe and around the world for your visual pleasure and to last longer in a vase. The fragrance you smell in roses is due to a natural release of ethylene by flowers to attract pollinators like bees and butterflies.

Unfortunately, the higher levels of ethylene shorten the lifespan of a blooming flower and affect their visual integrity and beauty.

Through cross-pollination, the ethylene levels have been purposely reduced to provide a longer vase life for your fresh cut roses.

The fragrance in roses will vary from none to mild depending on each variety.

In the near future, we’ll offer a fragrant rose bouquet with an extra bloom to be placed in a glass with a little water so you can smell and savor its fragrance.