What Can I Send my Mom on Mother's Day?

What Can I Send my Mom on Mother's Day?

After a lifetime of buying your Mom's birthday, Mother's Day, and Christmas gifts, you've probably gotten her every gift you can think of. As Mother's Day is approaching, don't leave it until the last minute and pick up a bunch of wilted flowers from a corner store! 

How to Pick the Perfect Mother's Day Gift

This list makes things a little easier for you this year. We've put it together based on the type of woman you're shopping for and narrowed it down to seven types of Moms. We hope it will help you. Remember, your special lady can be a combination of two or more of these types, making it even easier! 

Read the descriptions of each type of woman below. If you know your Mom, you'll know which type she is. Or, if she is more than one type, you'll have even more options to choose from!

#1. The Sweet Sentimental 

Is the special woman in your life sweetly sentimental? Maybe Mom still has that very first Christmas card you made her in Kindergarten, or she keeps old photo albums out so she can reminisce. Here are some ideas for this type of Mom:

Or, the perfect flowers for this Mom: Sweeten her day with the Dolce Vita Floral Arrangement with the timeless and tender gift book, Glorious Mom so she can feel cherished. 

#2. The Glamour Queen 

This type of Mom always looks her best. She is fashion-conscious, stylish, and loves a bit of bling. You'll never catch her lounging around in hair curlers! How to shop for a glamorous Mom:

Or, the perfect flowers for this Mom: Only the best will do for this Mom. Get her a Beautiful Floral Arrangement and Gift Bundle with a tender keepsake gift book.

#3. The Tech-Savvy Gadget-Lover

A more practical woman, this lovely lady knows her way around technology and usually has a gadget or two to help her solve most day-to-day problems. Ideas of what you can give this type of Mom:

  • A rechargeable Handbag Light will make life easier for Mom!
  • This Digital Photo Frame is perfect for a tech-savvy Mom.
  • The Kindle Voyage is the thinnest Kindle yet. A kindle is also an excellent gift for the adventurous Mom!

Or, the perfect flowers for this Mom: Make life easy for Mom with this Floral Arrangement and Vase Bundle

#4. The Culinary Kitchen Pro 

Are you used to tasty treats from your Mom's kitchen? She is the kind of lady who gets excited about new ways to make mac and cheese and can tell you exactly how long a soft-boiled egg takes. Try these gifts to make her heart happy:

  • Foodie dice will help Mom decide what to cook next! This gift is also a good idea for the always busy Mom.
  • This Homemade Sauce Press will have her making all kinds of delicious sauces. 
  • An old-school Recipe Tin is a stunning gift for your foodie Mom.

Or, the perfect flowers for this Mom: The Multi-Colored Spray Roses Floral Bouquet will beautifully brighten up Mom's kitchen.

# 5. The On-The-Go, Always Busy Mom

This lady gets stuff done! She's the one to call if you need to organize a big party or figure out where to get your nails done in 30 minutes. She's so busy; she has to find ways to save time and unwind! Help your Mom with these gift ideas:

Or, the perfect flowers for this Mom: Keep it simple but stylish for this Mom with a White Roses Floral Bouquet with the Glorious Mom gift book to remind her she is adored.

#6. The Outdoorsy Adventurer

From an impulsive cross-state road trip to hiking up a mountain in another country, this woman enjoys all kinds of adventures. She is anything but boring! Give your thrillseeker Mom something she'll never forget:

Or, the perfect flowers for this Mom: This cheerful Sunflower Floral Arrangement will remind Mom of sunshine and fresh air.

#7. The Health Conscious Eco-Warrior

Did you grow up with your Mom giving you tips on how to save the earth and telling you to eat your homegrown greens? She's the type of lady who saw you taking your first steps and taught you to reduce your carbon footprint soon after. Try these awesome gift ideas:

  • A Veggie Ricer is a great gift idea for this Mom. You could also get this gift for the food-loving culinary Mom!
  • This sling bag is stylish and earth-friendly. It is manufactured from recycled plastic!
  • Since this Mom loves gardening, she'll love these adorable Garden Ducks made with reclaimed wood and sustainable bamboo.

Or, the perfect flowers for this Mom: The Golden Aura Floral Arrangement is an excellent choice for this type of Mom with the garden themed Glorious Mom gift book.

Flowers Are Always an Excellent Mother's Day Gift

Even if none of these gifts are perfect for the precious woman in your life, you can always give her a stunning flower arrangement in her favorite color scheme. Take a look at the exclusive range of floral gifts for Mother's Day in our shop