Grandparents' Day - Sunday September 12, 2021

Leiendo Grandparents' Day - Sunday September 12, 2021 2 minutos

Our greatest blessings are the ones that call us “grandson” and “granddaughter.” Yes, Grandparents’ Day 2021 is around the corner and at Luz Flora, we’ve prepared a vast variety of Grandparents’ Day gift ideas to spoil Grandma and Grandpa. So when is Grandparents’ Day? This year, Grandparents’ Day falls on Sunday, September 12th, 2021. From all their tales of youth and the stories that may or may not be true, save the date and find the perfect gift to make this Grandparents’ Day the greatest story ever told!

As always, when you’re at a loss for the perfect gift, Luz Flora is here to ensure that Grandparents’ Day is just as amazing as Grandma and Grandpa!

Say “Happy Grandparents’ Day” to your cutesy and ever-full-of-love grandma with radiant floral blooms from our range of Grandparents’ Day flowers. Treasure Grandma with an enchanting Motif Heavenly Bouquet that features an incredible array of roses, delicate delphiniums and gypsophila in shades of white, cream and blue.

Speaking of roses, our flower range for Grandparents’ Day also boasts the incredible beauty of mixed roses in the form of the Constellation Multi-Color Spray Rose Bouquet. Buy roses online with Luz Flora and add a world of colour to your grandma’s life.

How to Order for Grandparents' Day