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Our featured  Lavender Rose arrangement is French hand-tied by our floral designers to create a perfect round canopy. Fill your home with these striking bouquets. The Luz Flora Featured Rose is sent directly from our farm, high in the Andes mountains of Ecuador, and is the current Grower's Choice. 

These roses were originally bred in Germany. Ours are farmed in the sierra of Ecuador, where they get much more sunlight and are invigorated by rich volcanic soil, pristine glacier water, and the perfect mild climate.

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Mother's Day, Birthdays, Graduation, Holidays, Decoration, Special Occasions


30 Long Stemmed Yellow roses with mixed foliage, 1 x sachet of flower food.


Stellar Classic Collection

Each Luz Flora fresh rose bouquet is a luxury hand-tied arrangement of the largest radiant roses with select seasonal foilage. Our expert floral designers hand-tie our bouquets to present a flawless spiral of stems, formed and arranged to look magnificent in a vase with a perfect round canopy. 



After your receive, your Luz Flora arrangement, remove all packing materials. Every Luz Flora box comes with a packet of flower food granules and one extra bloom - just for you! If a flower breaks, place it in a glass with a little water so you can enjoy it. (Cut the stem as needed and don't wet the petals.) 



Cut stems to fit your vase, at least 1" (2cm) at an angle to increase its intake of water. Be sure to use pruning shears and avoid smashing or piercing the stem. 

Fill your vase with clean cold water and dilute the packet of flower food granules in the water. Each packet is good for 1 quart (or liter) of water.  

Remove any discolored petals on the flower’s outer edge and any foliage or petals that fall below the waterline.  




Keep your arrangement away from direct sunlight and air drafts. Removing wilted petals, leaves, and flowers will extend the life of your arrangement. Re-cutting the stems every few days will lengthen their life. After doing this, clean the vase before refilling it with new water and add more flower food. If you've run out of flower food, you can get more or make your own; see our secret recipe on the Blooms & Blossoms Blog. 



A Luz Flora bouquet will last at least 5 to 7 days in the vase when care instructions are followed.



Between 17.5" and 20.5" (45-52 cm) depending on the rose variety and local weather conditions at harvest time.



Beyond screen variations, our flower colors are within a spectrum of tonal ranges. For example, there are five tones within the range of Lavender roses. We will deliver the freshest one available.

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What makes these flowers unique?


Our flowers come from the highlands of the Andes Mountains on the Equator. They flourish in rich volcanic soil with pristine glacial waters, consistent sunlight, a fresh, crisp breeze that makes the leaves of eucalyptus and pine trees dance to a rhythm of harmony where birds sing, and nature creates floral magic.

With this purchase, you support thousands of skilled flower caretakers, most of whom are women who take care of their families in rural areas.

Is Luz Flora eco-friendly?


Yes. As part of our commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation, we use the least amount of packing materials; therefore, we apologize if the box gets damaged in transit. Would you please reuse or recycle what you can? The bag hydrating the stems of the flowers is biodegradable. All our arrangements and products are carbon neutral. You can help the environment with a donation to The Bee Conservancy.