Luz Flora Gift Note

Luz Flora Gift Note

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Send a gift card with each order of flowers. Whether to a special someone or a note to self, a personalized message will make your flowers even more significant.

How to include a Gift Note with your order? 
1. On the cart page, select: Add a Complimentary Gift Note to Your Order below the items in your cart.
2. Write in the Enter Your Message Here box. You can select the font and text size that your message will print on your gift note.
3. When done, select GENERATE NOTE. It is done when you see Luz Flora Gift Note as an item in your cart (you will not see your written message).

*Sending more than one arrangement? 
Please place separate orders to avoid any mishaps or confusion. This way, we can connect each gift note with the appropriate recipient. We wouldn’t want to mix up your grandma and your lover’s gift notes!  

*No Gift Note in the cart?
No worries. Check out and contact us with your order number and gift note message so we can take care of it.